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Australian MacUser, September 1996

Excerpt from a review by Steven Noble

Genealogy may be a popular and time-consuming pastime but, among Macintosh enthusiasts, it is certainly not big business. Only three Mac-based genealogy applications -- Personal Ancestral File, Genealogy Pro and Reunion -- are distributed commercially in Australia...

Reunion is, without a doubt, the grandaddy of genealogy packages. Whilst it should be acknowledged that the alternatives are cheaper..., Reunion does virtually everything as well as or better than its competitors.

Reunion is actually two applications -- the database application called Reunion, and it's illustrative cousin, SuperChart. Reunion itself mimics an index card file, like PAF, and lets you add custom fields... -- a best-of-both-worlds solution. ... SuperChart is... the better performer: screen redraws are instantaneous on a 68040-based Mac, and designing charts is a complete no-brainer. Reunion 4... lets the user place photographs into ancestral diagrams...

In fact, Reunion is the only package that functions exactly likely a commercial Macintosh product. Small glitches and interface inconsistencies continue to detract from both PAF and Genealogy Pro, whilst Reunion adheres to virtually all the norms of Macintosh interface design. Reunion has the most refined manual of any genealogy application...

Reunion, like PAF, lets you merge overlapping ancestral files and there is no performance incentive for keeping ancestral files small. Reunion can read and write files in the ubiquitous GEDCOM format and generate tab-delimited text files for database or spreadsheet applications. It can also create files that can be opened on any Mac or PC using the free Reunion Player, available online at http://www.leisterpro.com

Only Reunion, among all the commercial packages, can tell you whether a particular relative is your second cousin, once removed, or your first cousin, twice removed. It can automatically calculate a person's age at marriage or death... and it offers the most flexible search engine of any genealogy application on the market.

Reprinted with permission from Australian MacUser, published by Niche Media.