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MacDigest, January 1995

Excerpt from the review by Robin Joy Davidman

Anyone with an interest in genealogy knows the importance of keeping accurate records. As you fill out your family tree it is easy to accumulate a database of hundreds of names. Factor that with birth places, burial information, and any number of other relevant items of interest and you suddenly have a navigating nightmare -- unless you have Reunion, the family tree software for the Mac, that is.

Reunion was developed by Leister Productions. It has grown from a HyperCard-based program to a fast, user-friendly, standard Macintosh program, and it is highly regarded by professional and budding genealogists today. With ease, Reunion will help you to enter, store, and display all of your important family information as it automatically creates common genealogy reports, charts, and forms that link people and families together. It also gives you the ability to enter birthday calendars, mailing lists, questionnaires, indexes, and other lists. You can even scan in pictures of your loved ones!

To create charts that you can display, edit, or print, yo use the SuperChart program that is included on your Reunion disk. SuperChart is an application that will automatically draw graphic Descendant and Pedigree Charts. You have the option of how you want your chart to appear -- from top-to-bottom, left-to-right, or a waterfall design that moves from upper-left to lower-right.

Reunion can print charts that are larger than one page. To accomplish this, Reunion prints the chart spread out, or tiled, over several pages. The printing order is done top-to-bottom and left-to-right. When complete, you can tape the sheets of paper together to form the over-sized chart.

In summation, Reunion is a fast, all-inclusive program that performs every function a genealogist could want. If you are searching your family tree now, or hope to do so down the road, I highly recommend that you consider purchasing Reunion -- the family tree software for the Macintosh. You will be glad that you did.