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Mac Home Journal, April 1995

Excerpt from the review by John Vanor

Reunion 4.0, from Leister Productions, is a HyperCard derivative that treats individuals and family groups as cards within the stack. It offered the smoothest and most intuitive interface, and I was up and running in minutes. Much like Family Events, I only used the documentation from Reunion to checks facts for this article. This is another software package designed with the Mac user in mind.

While scanning the Reunion documentation I was struck by the sense that it was developed with equal emphasis on both genealogical utility and Macintosh interface.

Reunion also allows the incorporation of scanned photographs and other documents into its records, adding a valuable visual dimension to genealogy. Service discharge papers, professional licenses and certificates and similar items can add enormously in transforming a genealogical record from a dry collection of names and dates into a true living record of a family.

Finally, although I have not had to use this feature myself, I understand Leister Productions has an excellent phone service and "help desk." Its personnel reportedly are helpful and friendly.


... I found Reunion to be the easiest and most intuitive package, head-and-shoulders above the rest. If that's your only buying criteria, read no further...