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Icones, July/August 1995

Excerpt from the Genealogy software study published in the French "Icones" No. 52.

REUNION : Number One of the tree


Fast and easy to use, this "family tree software" is THE software in the country of Uncle Sam.


Up to its version 3, Reunion was presented under the format of HyperCard stacks. Success helping, Leister Productions came up with their version 4 in native 68000 code. The result is at the height of the investment. Supple, fast and intuitive, this program has everything to please ..... anglo-saxon genealogists.

...everything seems present in this software. In particular the implementation of the GEDCOM norm, available in both export and import, which stays one of the most complete and efficient which we tested in this study. Other plus: 6 customisable fields for each record.

The seducing graphical module - SuperChart - is one of the strongest points of Reunion. The developers used Apple Events to propose to distinctive programs, while intimely linked. This specialised module is also very fast and allows charts to be presented in many ways (horizontal or vertical, ventilated or compressed, fix size boxes or auto-adapted to boxes contents, etc. In addition, and before printing, one can modify the charts partially or completely, a bit like with GeneDraw. Only the latter and Genealogos (thanks to the 4D Draw integration) offer more flexibility, however in a much more difficult and slow way.


Having a great functionality, Reunion is very intuitive... The Chart maker is the best of our study.