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Reunion 7 Answers

Why won't my reports open into ClarisWorks?

Reunion 7 is completely compatible with ClarisWorks 4 and 5 and AppleWorks 5. All of Reunion's reports are created in the RTF file format. ClarisWorks must have an RTF translator installed in order to open Reunion's reports. Here's how you can check if your copy of ClarisWorks can open RTF formatted files...

Open the System Folder on your hard drive. It will contain a folder called Claris. The Claris folder must contain a file called Claris XTND System and a folder called Claris Translators. The Claris Translators folder must contain a file called RTF.

If any of these files are missing, ClarisWorks will not be able to open Reunion's report files. To correct the situation, you will have to perform a full reinstall of ClarisWorks. In addition, it is always a good idea to rebuild your desktop file when experiencing file related problems.

Note to MacLinkPlus users - MacLinkPlus is a 3rd party utility developed by DataViz which provides translators to many common file formats such as RTF. The MacLinkPlus RTF translator will work with ClarisWorks by simply removing the above mentioned RTF translator file from the Claris Translators folder.