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Reunion 7 Answers

How can I renumber people in my family file?

There is no way to manually assign new ID numbers to people. However, if you find that your family file has large groups of unused person ID numbers, you might consider renumbering your entire family file. The gaps in ID number are created by deleting and merging people. When big gaps exist, performance is degraded.

Follow these steps to create a new family file without any gaps in numbering.

  • Open your family file
  • Choose File -> Save A Copy
  • Set the Type to "Clone (no records)," click Save
  • Close your family file and open the clone that you just created
  • Choose File -> Import/Export -> Import Family File
  • Select your original family file from the window that appears
  • When the Import Family File window opens...
    • check All People
    • check Import Logs
    • check Import Multimedia Links
    • set Automatic Flag to "None"
    • click Import

The family file that is currently open is your newly renumbered family file. Examine the new numbering to make sure you can live with it and then save your old family file as a backup.