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Reunion 7 Answers

Can I enter an adopted child with both the adoptive and biological parents?

Yes. In Reunion, a child can be linked to as many different sets of parents as you like.

For example, I enter George Daniel WILSON with his adoptive parents, Kenneth James WILSON and Maggie Rachel ADAMS.

I later discover the identity of George's biological parents (Edward Lee HANCOCK and Jessica Marie JENKINS) and decide that I would like to add them. To do this, I navigate to George's family card and click the Add pop-up menu above his name. From this menu, I can select either New Father or New Mother. If the biological parents have already been entered in the family file, I would select either Existing Father or Existing Mother.

The Edit Person window for his new father (or mother) will appear wherein I can enter his or her name. I can then add the other biological parent to this same family card.

The process of adding a second set of parents for George will automatically create a duplicate child button for him. In other words, George now appears as a child on two different family cards (the family cards of his adoptive parents and his biological parents). Clicking George's child button on either family card will take you to his record.

If a person is linked to multiple sets of parents, a Parent pop-up menu button will appear next to the parent buttons.

Clicking this button will show a list of the parents linked to that person. To navigate to a particular set of parents, simply select their names from the list.

The last consideration to make is deciding which set of parents are the preferred parents. The preferred parents are the parents that will be displayed by default when you navigate to the person's record.

To select the preferred parents, choose Edit -> Parents. This will open the Edit Parents window. Place a check mark in the Preferred column next to the desired set of parents and click Save.

For more information on duplicate children, click the Manual button and search for duplicate child. For more information on multiple parents, search for multiple parents.