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Reunion 7 Answers

Why do the words "Reunion 7 Demo" appear when a chart is printed?

If you started with the demo version of Reunion 7, you may still have a copy of the Reunion 7 Demo application file on your hard disk. If so, the demo version may load when a graphic chart is created. The Reunion 7 Demo will place the words "Reunion 7 Demo" on any chart that is printed.

The solution is to trash the Reunion 7 Demo application file. They are no longer needed after the full version has been installed.

Tip: An easy way to trash these files is to simply drag the entire Reunion 7 Demo Folder to the trash. However, before you trash it, make sure this folder doesn't contain any family files you want to save. If it does, move these family files to the Reunion 7 Folder that is installed with the full version. Then trash the Reunion 7 Demo Folder.