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Version 6 Maintenance Update Details

Reunion 6.02

  • Fixed a memory leak that affected all windows, some more than others. This would cause a crash due to a loss of free memory after a long session (SC also). Note: We also discovered that the Apple Guide extension causes memory leaks when guide documents reside in the System Folder/Extensions/Global Guide Files folder. You should either empty this folder or disable the Apple Guide extension.
  • Accessing the electronic manual: When the Reunion Manual was in a folder whose name or path contained certain characters, you couldn't access the manual via the Help menu. The following characters are now permitted: Semi-colon, percent sign and all extended characters. This problem first appeared when a user had the Option-F character in a folder name. (SC also). Note: Some versions of Netscape will not work properly if the percent sign is used in a parent folder name, this is a bug in Netscape.
  • Find -> Anything: now searches the marriage field for citations.
  • Sources. A crash could occur when saving a source with lots of of structured text data. This could also happen when importing a Gedcom file with the same type of source.
  • Keyboard shortcuts added: F1 thru F4 for: Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste (SC also).
  • Source citations in the Notes tab of the Edit person window now appear in the font selected in Options -> Fonts -> Data Entry window.
  • Pictures on the family card reduced to less than 100 percent could show up as a white box.
  • Printing Family Cards:
    • If the picture on the card was too large, a blank page would be created.
    • Made more room for the Changed date to appear on printed family cards.
  • Find -> Person: Esc key can be used to stop a search.
  • Privacy Filter:
    • When privacy filtering is being used, the filtered name will not appear in the title of the HTML file. This affects web family cards, person sheets, and family group sheets.
    • Changed the default year for the "Born Before" value from 1800 to 1900.
  • Person Sheet, HTML output: fixed a case where children affected by privacy filtering would show up with HTML codes in the name.
  • List -> Relationships: Changed the weighting of relationships such that direct line ancestors will be considered much stronger than any other. Decreased the weighting of half relationships somewhat. This only applies to relationships for inter-family marriages.
  • Match Merge: Fixed a rare situation where a parent or spouse link could fail to be merged.
  • Gedcom Import:
    • Source citations in notes fields would get a big, unlinked number that had no meaning.
    • Fixed a bug in the code that created the title for a source records containing very long PUBL lines.
    • Fixed a problem importing FTM Gedcom files using unabbreviated Gedcom tags.
  • Repair Family File: When a message in the LOG file indicates the "file size is off," an additional message will tell you to compact the family file.
  • Pre OS 8.0. Fixed a redraw problem with the default button when resizing dialog boxes such as the Index.
  • Event Memo Fields: Now permit 1,000 characters.
  • Ages: Fixed an age calculation problem for people born before 1 AD.
  • Family History Report: Added a colon and tab after the "Other spouses" text.
  • Clicking on a picture on the family card will select the clicked picture in the Multimedia window.
  • Fixed a crash when closing certain types of QuickTime VR movies. This did not affect regular movies.
  • Fixed a crash when pasting empty Events and Facts in the Edit Person and Edit Family windows.
  • If a family card is at its maximum size and the file is closed, that size will now be remembered the next time the family file is opened.
  • When pasting text into a field, the tab character is now converted to a space (SC also).
  • Resource changes:
    • 'STR#' 136 added 12 & 13.
      'STR#' 131 added 20 and above
      'STR#' 150 changed 1 & 26

SuperChart 6.02

Changes are noted above as "(SC also)."

Reunion 6.01

  • Alternate resource files implemented.
  • Edit -> Parents window: removed the ellipsis from the Remove Link button.
  • Printing a MultiMedia Item: fixed a problem where picture files couldn't be found -- despite clicking Cancel, Reunion would still attempt to print the item.
  • Print Preview: If the insufficient memory message appears, the Preview window will no longer open.
  • Sources in HTML reports: If the last item in a structured source is a URL, the period added to the end of the source will no longer become part of the link.
  • Monitors larger than 1024 x 768: fixed some family card sizing issues and the size of the Define Views window. Also fixed freezes with views on large monitors containing lots of notes.
  • Family History Report: now reports unmarried couples as "Status: Unmarried"
  • Match Merge: when matching "similar" first names, a period after an initial will be ignored. For example, "John" and "J." will now be a "similar" first name match.
  • Match Merge, Merge window: will not open with the "Find Matched for..." radio button disabled.
  • Import Family File, Upgrade Family File: the default button will say Open when a folder is selected, Import or Upgrade when a file is selected.
  • Reunion and SuperChart paths will no longer be confused by having multiple copies of the applications installed. The path to the active application will always be used. This should correct some situations where Reunion couldn't locate picture files when the Reunion folder was moved.
  • Improved the message that appears when double-clicking on a person in the Index who is in the trash.
  • Sample Family File tweak: made the Medical and Research notes active.
  • Fixed some cases where the flashing text insertion cursor would appear on the family card, trash, or a picture window (typically associated with the MultiMedia window).

SuperChart 6.01

  • Faster progress bars are always employed.
  • Relative Charts, Top to Bottom and Left to Right: box placement on charts larger than 455 inches in either direction would be incorrect.