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Reunion 6 Maintenance Update

What is a maintenance update?

From time to time, we produce maintenance updates of Reunion. A maintenance update fixes minor bugs, adds minor enhancements, and also contains adjustments based on user feedback. Maintenance updates do not contain new features (in contrast to major "upgrades") and do not affect your family files. This web page makes it easy for you to obtain the latest maintenance update and enjoy its benefits. You must own a registered copy of Reunion 6 to install a maintenance update.

6.02 Update - List of fixes/changes in 6.02

Notes: If you already have version 6.02, you should NOT download this update. To check your current version, open your family file, choose File -> Get Info, and click the System tab. The version of Reunion will be listed at the top.

This update includes changes to the Reunion Manual. Please note that the Reunion Manual on your CD can't be updated (because you can't write to the CD). In order to update your Reunion manual, it must be installed on your hard disk or mounted removable disk.

  This will update Reunion 6.00 or 6.01 to 6.02.

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