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Version 6 Problems & Conflicts

This page contains potential problems and software that conflicts with Reunion 6.
Updated 5/31/00.

Note: be sure to download the latest maintenance update 6.02 and check its list of fixes.

Titles are alphabetized, however, new or updated items appear at the top of the section.

Creating Charts in Mac OS X

SuperChart 6 will not automatically open created charts, if you are running Reunion 6 in the "classic mode" of Mac OS X.

After creating a chart from the Create menu, you will be returned to the family card. Manually launch SuperChart and open the "Reunion Chart" file, located in the Preferences folder (within the System Folder).

AppleWorks 6 - This problem was fixed, by Apple, in AppleWorks 6.0.4.

The initial release of AppleWorks 6 did not import RTF files. Surprisingly, Apple removed that functionality from the upgrade. Specifically, AppleWorks 6 did not install an RTF (Rich Text Format) translator -- previous versions of AppleWorks and ClarisWorks did.

When Reunion creates a report it saves an RTF file to your hard disk and attempts to open it in your word processor. Since AppleWorks 6 did not have an RTF translator, it would open the report as a plain TEXT file, thus improperly displaying the report.

To correct this problem, we used to suggest downloading the AppleWorks 6.0.4 update. The 6.0.4 update adds RTF translation. However, we now suggest downloading the AppleWorks 6.2.8 update.

Gedcom Export and Sensitive Data

In the Reunion manual, the role of Sensitive Data delimiters is clearly defined: "You may exclude sensitive data from reports." Sensitive data is text in any note or memo field that is enclosed in the delimiter appearing in the Sensitive Data Delimiters pop-up menu in the Options -> Reports window.

It's important to understand that any text designated as "sensitive" will only be excluded from reports, as is stated in the manual. Sensitive data is not suppressed when you export a Gedcom file, export a text file, or save a copy of a family file.

Epson Printers

Some users have reported crashes when creating charts while using the Epson 700, 740, 800, and 850 printers. Thus far, we have been unable to duplicate the crashes when using the latest print drivers for each of these printers.

Since we can't duplicate these crashes, and since Reunion prints properly to other printers, we can't say if this is a problem with a specific print driver, another extension, or Reunion. We will continue to investigate this problem to see if there's anything we can do on our end.

Some users have circumvented problems by restarting with extensions off (surprisingly, printing to the Epson printers still works with extensions off).

Here's another workaround:

  • select a different print driver in the Chooser
  • create the chart
  • select the Epson print driver again (in the Chooser)
  • modify your chart, and then print it.

Contextual Menu Enabler

We received a couple of reports that the Help menu will not work if Contextual Menu Enabler, which is part of Apple Data Detectors, is enabled.

Netscape Error when Searching for Help

"Netscape is unable to find the file or directory named..."

If the Reunion 6 Manual folder is nested inside a folder whose name includes the Option-f character, you will receive an error message when you click a link in the Search Results page. To correct this, you can move the Reunion 6 Manual folder to a new location or remove the Option-f character from the folder name.

AOL Web Browser, Help Menu

The Web browser that is integrated with AOL does not work with Reunion's on-line Help system. You'll need to use either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

File Exchange Control Panel in System 8.5

The new File Exchange control panel can cause problems when opening your Web browser (for example, when choosing an item from the Reunion 6 Help menu). To prevent these problems, open the File Exchange control panel and perform one of the following:

* Uncheck the Translate documents automatically button.
* Uncheck the Always show choices when translating files button.

Epson PhotoStylus 700 Printer

If an older version of the Epson PhotoStylus 700 print driver is selected in the Chooser and AppleTalk is inactive, the Mac will crash whenever a chart is created or a saved chart is opened.

To correct this, you should download the latest print driver, 5.1AE, from Epson's web site.

ClarisWorks 5 and MacLink on a PowerMac

There is a problem using ClarisWorks 5 and MacLinkPlus 10. If you attempt to automatically open a report (or any RTF file) into ClarisWorks 5, ClarisWorks will either crash or the report will be opened into a ClarisWork's spreadsheet. According to the DataViz web site, MacLinkPlus 11, the latest version, now supports AppleWorks/ClarisWorks 5.

ATI Video Memory Manager v2.4 Extension

This extension causes a freeze or an unexpected quit when trying to open or create a SuperChart file.

RAM Doubler, GIF images - This conflict was fixed in QuickTime 3.0.

RAM Doubler 2 has a problem with QuickTime 2.5 which may result in the inability to display certain GIF images (the cursor remains as a wristwatch and the picture window is blank).

Power Secretary (voice recognition software)

We received a report that the Power Secretary v2.0.6 or v2.0.7 (from Dragon Systems) causes a freeze when trying to access the Multimedia window on 5300cs PowerBooks.

Nisus Writer

Current and past versions of the Nisus Writer word processor are unable to automatically open RTF files. If Nisus Writer is the selected word processor in Reunion 6, all reports will be opened as plain TEXT rather than RTF. As a result, the RTF formatting codes will appear within the report. The only solution is to select RTF File as the destination, save the report file to disk, and then manually import the file into Nisus Writer using its File -> File Access -> Import command. Nisus has acknowledged this problem and plans to fix it in the next major release of Nisus Writer.


CopyPaste is a utility which allows multiple clipboards within any application. Typing Command-C-P opens the CopyPaste window showing you the contents of each clipboard. If you open this window while you're in a data entry window, Reunion 6 may crash or freeze.

Connectix PowerBook/Desktop Utilities

One of its utilities, KeyBoard Power, conflicts with Reunion. The Keyboard Power utility modifies dialog box windows by underlining one letter in each button of a dialog box window. This may cause a crash when certain dialog windows are opened. It may also cause a crash when creating charts or reports. To avoid this conflict, you should disable the Keyboard Power utility that interferes with dialog boxes.

Essential PowerBook Strip

We received a report that the Essential PowerBook Strip causes SuperChart to crash when creating a chart on some PowerBooks.

SmoothType 1.3.2

There is a conflict with Reunion 6 and SmoothType 1.3.2. If you open any of Reunion 6's data entry windows, such as the Edit Person window, and the Data Entry font is set to any font except Chicago, Geneva, or Monaco, the computer will freeze.


We received a report that the Cameraman extension disables buttons on Reunion's toolbar except those with a pop-up menu. Cameraman is a commercial program from Motion Works Group Ltd. which creates Quicktime movies of screen activity.

MacTools Trashback

If the MacTools Trashback extension is enabled, Reunion crashes when you choose Options -> Define -> Person/Family Fields.


Users have reported that "DoubleScroll" conflicts with Reunion, affecting some scrolling lists and pop-up menus.

Now's WYSIWYG Menus - part of Now Utilities package of enhancements

Now's WYSIWYG Menus cause a problem with the Text Style pop-up menu in Reunion's Edit Source window. The Now software converts the four text styles listed into WYSIWYG, which requires more space than the Mac menu manager permits. As a result, only two items appear in the pop-up menu without scrolling.

Kaleidoscope, Aaron

We have received some reports that Kaleidoscope and Aaron may cause some cosmetic problems with: Add Source pop-up menu, Mark pop-up menu, color palette pop-up menus, and miscellaneous font problems.

A couple of users also report problems creating charts and reports when Kaleidoscope is enabled.

Mac OS Easy Open Control Panel

The Mac OS Easy Open control panel can cause problems when opening your Web browser (for example, when choosing an item from the Reunion 6 Help menu. To prevent these problems, open the Mac OS Easy Open control panel and perform one of the following:

* Uncheck the "Always show dialog box" button.
* Set the Automatic document translation to Off.

Renaming your Application File

You should not rename the Reunion or SuperChart application files. Doing so will make the File -> SuperChart menu command unresponsive.

Color in Reports, RTF files, Word Processors

Unfortunately, most word processors don't support color in RTF files properly. As a result, when you attempt to open a report in your word processor, and you have Reunion's Options -> Reports, RTF, Support Color button checked, the results may or may not appear correctly.

  • WordPerfect 3.5 works fine.
  • WriteNow 4.0 works fine, except that WriteNow converts white text into black.
  • Word 6 and Word 98 are limited to the 16 colors used in Windows 3.0 and 3.1. So it tends to round colors to one of its limited palette. For example, Word converts some shades of blue and purple to black.
  • ClarisWorks 4 and 5 along with AppleWorks 5 and 6 do not properly import colored text in RTF files.

Type 3 Error on Startup, QuickTime

  • Power Macintosh users must have two icons in the Extensions folder: QuickTime and QuickTime PowerPlug. Both files must be version 2.5 or newer.
  • 68K Macintosh users must have the QuickTime file in the Extensions folder. It must be version 2.5 or newer.

If QuickTime is not installed properly, you may get a Type 3 error.

Importing Gedcom Files, Memory Requirements

Gedcom files are read completely into RAM for processing. Therefore, you may need to allocate more RAM to the Reunion application TEMPORARILY. Follow the following formula when contemplating the import of a big Gedcom file:

TotalRAMNeeded = NormalAmountforReunion + SizeOfGedcomFile.

Your Reunion manual has instructions for increasing the memory allocation of an application. Also, it contains a complete chapter on Gedcom.