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Spring Cleaning Notes

Spring Cleaning is a product by Allume Systems. It contains a feature called Fat App Slimmer which searches for so-called fat binary programs. A fat binary program contains both PowerPC-native code and 68K code. Reunion and SuperChart are fat binary programs.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning looks at the code for a program and checks to see what portion is PowerPC and what is non-PowerPC. It lets you delete the unnecessary Power PC code (if you use a 68K Mac) or 68K code (if you use a PowerMac) in an application file.


A similar utility called Yank is produced by Maui Software. It contains a feature called Slim Fat Applications which also allows you to delete the unnecessary code in a fat binary program.

If you use either Spring Cleaning or Yank to remove the unnecessary code from Reunion or SuperChart, the maintenance updaters will not work. You'll need to reinstall your original copy of Reunion or SuperChart and run the maintenance updater on the original copies.