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New Features in Reunion 5

This Web page provides highlights of new features in version 5.

Family Card

  • Drag and Drop editing of individuals and families on-screen
    • renumbering children
    • moving a child from one family to another
    • deleting people
  • Color-coded child button text
    • children with children appear with blue text
    • children with multiple spouses appear with a red pop-up menu button
  • User-defined views on the family card
  • Same-sex couples
  • Unknown sex
  • Parent pop-up menu button

Entering and Editing Information

  • Tabbed "Edit Person" window, for easy entry of facts, events, notes, and flags
    • unlimited user-defined events per person
    • unlimited user-defined facts per person
    • 100 user-defined notes fields per person
    • unlimited flags per person
  • Events, facts, and notes can be independent for each person
  • Define your own fields, including the narrative style
  • Larger fact, name, place, title fields: 255 characters each
  • Larger notes fields: 64,000 characters per field
  • Family notes and events fields
  • Tabbed "Edit Family" window, for easy entry of children, events, notes
  • Sensitivity braces for notes (This lets you mark certain text as "sensitive" and, at your option, omit such text from reports.)
  • Date validity/feasibility checking
  • Custom dates
  • Title fields: Separate Prefix and Suffix fields for titles
  • Unlimited people
  • 50 children per couple
  • 50 spouses per person
  • 15 child status types


  • Unlimited dimensions
  • Timeline chart
  • Relative chart: includes ancestors and descendants (all relatives) of a person
  • Pedigree chart with siblings
  • Include any fact or event field on a graphic chart
  • Colored text in chart boxes
  • Color shadows
  • Color borders and fills (independent)
  • Color lines
  • Dashed lines
  • Captions with lines and arrows
  • Pedigree charts up to 99 generations (increased from 35)
  • Hot chart links -- Option-click any chart box or timeline bar and immediately open the correct family file to the person's record


  • Web Family Cards
  • HTML output for reports
  • Print Preview on-screen
  • Place List Report
  • Picture forms
  • Statistics report
  • Tiny Tafel report
  • Ahnentafel report up to 99 generations (increased from 31)

Source Documentation

  • Unlimited sources
  • The ability to use free-form OR structured sources notes
  • The ability to control construction of endnotes for improved output and better compliance with accepted standards
  • The ability to optionally record citation detail that is unique to an event (such as page number, volume number, etc.)
  • Source pop-up menus, for easy access to recently used sources.
  • General Source: used in cases where all the data for a person came from one source
  • Automatic Source

Other Features

  • Colored/styled text in notes, logs, and sources
  • Automatic calendar reminder
  • New image file formats: Reunion 5 displays the following image file formats: PICT, JPEG, GIF, MacPaint, JFIF, Silicon Graphics Inc., Photoshop 2.5, and QuickTime Image Files.
  • Sound: Reunion 5 plays three common types of sound files: Finder Sound Files (sfil), Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF or AIFC), and WAV Files.
  • Video: Reunion 5 displays digital movies saved in the QuickTime movie format.
  • Soundex
  • Hebrew date support/conversion
  • Enhanced Index
  • Power Mac native
  • Single-file family file
  • Marked Sets
  • Gedcom 5.5 support
  • E-mail address field
  • Web page field
  • Fax number field
  • User-defined ID number field
  • Import tab & return delimited text files
  • Find & Replace
  • Multiple logs for each family file

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