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Scanning: Links & Books

by Leister Productions

This web page contains links to web sites and a list of books with information about scanning. You'll find a variety of information, including: types of scanners, suggestions about resolution, file size, and format, spify image-editing tricks for creating special effects, guidelines for getting better scans, and much more.

  Web Sites

Scanning Tips
by Wayne Fulton

The scanning tips are basic and appropriate for the beginner. The content is not superficial, but it's certainly not advanced either, it's just simply about how it works.

Scanning and scanner related Web sites
Compiled by Kotev Technology Ltd. specializing in scanner related, imaging and document management software.

Photoshop scanning steps
by Art Crimes -- Susan Farrell & Brett Webb

Scanning tips and related sites
compiled by desktopPublishing.com
A page listing over 20 helpful sites about scanning and photos.

  Reference Books

Desktop Scanners
by Robert G. Gann
$34.99 list
Prentice Hall Press, Paperback - 300 pages 4 edition
(August 1998)


Make Your Scanner a Great Design & Production Tool
by Michael Sullivan
$28.99 list
North Light Books, Paperback - 160 pages Revised edition
(June 1998)


Real World Scanning and Halftones:
The Definitive Guide to Scanning and Halftones from the Desktop
by David Blatner
$29.95 list
Peachpit Press, Paperback - 464 pages 2nd edition
(April 1998)


Non-Designer's Scan & Print Book
by Sandy Cohen, Robin C. Williams
$24.99 list
Peachpit Press, Paperback - 224 Pages
(December 1998)


Leister Productions Inc. has no affiliation with the authors or businesses referenced on this page.