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Navigating Your Family File

by Dixie Haas

As your research progresses and your family file grows larger, locating a particular individual or family line can take time. You may already use keyboard shortcuts, parent and child buttons, the overview, or the index to move from record to record, but Reunion offers other tools that can help speed up the process of navigating your family file.


The quickbar, new in Reunion 7, is one of the fastest ways to jump from branch to branch in your family tree. If you want to show (or hide) the quickbar, choose Options -> Display and click the Show Quickbar button. Adding people and families to the quickbar is as easy as dragging and dropping a person or marriage button and choosing a name. (The quickbar can accommodate a maximum of 30 names.) No matter where you travel in your family file, the quickbar travels with you, providing a direct route to any family card you choose.

Use the quickbar to:

Compare two people with the same or similar names - Moving directly between two or more nonadjacent family cards is a simple matter using the quickbar. Drag people whose records you want to evaluate and compare to the quickbar. Name the buttons in a manner that helps differentiate between the records. Note: Changing a name on a quickbar button does not affect the way the name is entered on the family card.

Provide direct access to specific people - The quickbar expedites navigating directly to the family cards of children or spouses connected to a person with multiple marriages. Create quickbar buttons for spouses who are not designated as the preferred spouse. Add children who are connected to one parent but not the other to the quickbar for easy access.

Create visual reminders - Add people you are currently researching to the quickbar as a means of reminding yourself to check certain records. You can also use the quickbar to create a visual set consisting of unrelated people, people whose records are incomplete, or people whose birthdays or anniversaries are coming up.

Tips: Compare records for people with the same or similar names to identify duplicates as well as prevent errors when using Match and Merge. If you prefer seeing surnames in uppercase letters in your family file, remember to type surnames in capital letters when naming quickbar buttons.


Like the quickbar, bookmarks can be manually configured to help you navigate the records of specific people. You can use bookmarks to create an alphabetical display of up to 50 names.

To view the Bookmarks pop-up menu, click the Bookmarks button on the toolbar. When bookmarks are turned on, Reunion automatically adds names to the list of entries. Names are added when a child or spouse is added to a family card or when the Save button is clicked in the Edit Person or Edit Family window. To create a customized list, turn bookmarks off and drag names to the Bookmarks button.

Use bookmarks to compile a list of:

  • People without birth, marriage, or death records
  • A single generation or family line
  • Anyone who shares a particular family name
  • All people mentioned in a single source or document

Tip: Each time you open a family file, check to see if bookmarks are turned on or off to avoid having names removed from the list of entries.

To learn more about using the quickbar, bookmarks, or Reunion's other tools to navigate your family file, search the electronic manual.