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Appending a Numbering System ID to a Source

For example: you may have a family group sheet, a pedigree, a marriage certificate, and a death certificate for your grandparents. The numbering system that you've been using all these years is duly noted on each document. As you enter each person in your new family file, you will likely enter the marriage and death certificates as sources. At the end of each source text, enter the ID number you've been using:

Source #59: Marriage certificate of William Rosengrants (sic) and Harriet Quick, 27 Sep 1868; Photocopy; Original owned by Adeline (Rosengrant) Fassett, R.D.2 Box 2951, Factoryville, PA, August 1995. [WR2667]
Source #64: Certificate of Death for William Rosengrants (sic), #49837 Commonwealth of PA, Dept. of Health; died 28 April 1924 in Clinton Twp, Wyoming Co, PA; Informant: Ray Rosengrants, filed 31 May 1924; certified copy in possession of Janice F. McClintock, 16 Feb 1995 [WR3667]

That will link the Reunion data, through the source, to the document, and vice versa. If you make the ID number distinctive in some way, perhaps by enclosing it in brackets [WR3667], using Find -> Sources (or Find -> Anything) to search for your ID numbers will be easier.

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