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Download Reunion 10

Note: If you haven't purchased Reunion 10, the software will run in demo mode. When unlocked with the proper license information (which is obtained when purchased), Reunion 10 will run as a full version, without the limitations mentioned below. If you haven't yet purchased Reunion 10, click here to purchase a license to unlock the download.

Download Reunion 10...

Download Reunion 10.0.6 for Macintosh (.dmg - 54 MB)

Note: If you don't have high-speed internet, click here to purchase a CD installer.

If you have problems downloading (such as a screen of gibberish, a partial download, or if you get an error about a corrupted file), you should delete the incomplete download and use the Safari web browser.

Limitations of the Demo Mode...

  • Only 50 people can be entered in a family file.
  • Import/Export is disabled.
  • Charts and slideshows can't be saved.
  • Printed output will be watermarked.

Getting Started